Condev Cares

At the heart of Condev are our Core Values, having these values at our core allows us to contribute and make a difference to people’s lives. Condev Cares has been established to extend this care and positive influence to the community, especially to those who are less fortunate and need it most.

As a charitable not-for-profit organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), we are able to deliver successful fundraising events and offer community support. All the support we receive towards our community initiatives helps us to help others.

” Condev Cares is a team built on invaluable culture and ethos, with this strength we are looking to help those who are disadvantaged where possible”


Our values is what drives us


TRUST is first and foremost. TRUST breeds loyalty. We work towards TRUST in everything we do. TRUST requires ethics, integrity, accountability and respects.

Family and Community

Our community matters, our people matter and our children’s future matters. Helping one person might not change the world but it might change the world for one person.

Australian Spirit

As Australians we recognise that individual achievement rarely occurs without a helping hand from others. The AUSTRALIAN SPIRIT is one of mateship and a fair go for all.

Adaptable to Change

At Condev we embrace CHANGE because CHANGE allows us to evolve, improve, grow and stay relevant. We focus our energy not on fighting the old but on adapting to the new.


PASSION is our fuel. PASSION takes commitment, drive and positive energy. At  CONDEV we have our hearts in our business and our business in our hearts.


We value ourselves on our caring team

Mark Burow

Condev Cares Chairman

Tracy Marais

Condev Cares Director

Glenn Cream

Condev Cares Director

Andy Baxter

Condev Cares Board Memeber


Through Condev Cares we aim to better the lives of others in our community. Our Goal is to construct an NDIS
approved triplex, complete with wheelchair access and all safety equipment, to house eligible community members whocan live independently but require special equipment and help and who otherwise are, or are at risk of, living in aged care.
Through multiple Condev Cares events and with the huge generosity of our partners’, subcontractors’ and consultants’ donation of time, we will build the triplex to make a home for these people in need.